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About Our Founder 

Mrs Sana Saddique is the Founder and Managing Director of Collective Law  Solicitors. She is an experienced Solicitor specialising in  private family law matters; from Divorce and Financial remedy to Children matters and Domestic Abuse. Plus much more.

Sana has worked extensively in family law for  10 years and has been accredited by the Law Society as an expert within the industry. She has been a finalist for two legal awards,  as Professional of the year within the legal industry  and as an Individual showing Excellence in Law.

From her considerable years of service within the profession, Sana noted that many people often feel a sense of shame about contacting a lawyer for advice about divorce or marital problems. This can make even the idea of contacting a family lawyer a daunting experience. We want to change that. There's no shame in getting a Divorce. In fact, it's one of the healthiest things a person can do if they feel they are in a toxic relationship or  one which is no longer right for them. We are here to help you take whatever steps of action are right for you. We are not here to judge or to make the process any more difficult than it needs to be.

When Sana founded Collective Law, her aim was to move away from the rigid traditional law firm style and establish a place where clients can actually understand the advice being given because it's clear, simple and concise. A place where clients are treated like real people and where they feel genuinely taken care of.  The breakdown of any family or relationship is hard enough, the last thing anyone needs at that time is to feel alone and in the dark not understanding what is happening or how to tackle the issues ahead of them. 

Collective Law has been established to offer clear, affordable, detailed advice. A place where we actively work together, with our clients and other professionals, to achieve the best possible solution for each and every person. There is no blanket rule or one size fits all policy. Each family set up is different and in turn, each person's needs and requirements will vary case by case. We promise to take the time to get to know you, assess your needs and help you achieve an outcome that is best for you. 

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